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Thank you!!

Hayden and I would like to say a massive thank you

Thank you to everyone who has taken part, helped out, been on or otherwise supported FFW in 2022. Our final show of the year was amazing and I’m so excited for 2023. We will be going into our 10th year of trading and am looking forward to taking you with us.

Big props to the “Hull lot” you’ve really become part of the FFW family and it’s a pleasure to have you in our locker room.

To all of the FFW trainees, the world is your oyster and we want to help you achieve your dreams.

To our sponsors Angels Childcare, Lincoln, Aventus Tattoo Lounge and Whites of Lincoln THANK YOU!

To all of the pros on our roster, thank you for supporting our trainees and helping them develop.

Each and every one of you is an asset to Fight Factory Wrestling UK and Hayden and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Here’s to 2023 🥰


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