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Finish the summer holidays with a pro wrestling spectacular!!

FFW returns to the x church with our end of summer event.

The ladies title will be on the line and the New age will be trying all and everything to come back from Jason Morgan's loss at the Tournament of power...

Six wrestlers are through to the semi final tournament matches, two triple threats will take place with the winner of both going one on one to take the title as Winner of the Tournament of Power. But who will it be?

The winner will gain control over our next x church event on September 2nd.

Tickets to the Tournament of Power 2 are on sale until 9pm Friday evening. Some tickets will be available on the door!

Following on from Quills defeat, he of course lost his top knot!! We still think he's a massive melt but he redeemed him self a little bit by donating his top knot to The Little Princess trust and raising over £700 on the way. If you would like to donate to the cause click on the picture below to be taken to his just giving page.

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