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History of Bodyslams to Cancer

So where did it all begin?

In 2010 Dutch and KD's Mum; Dee, was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and so began a journey that would ultimately end in her passing on June the 23rd 2014. Throughout Dutch's wrestling career his mum had never been able to see him wrestle, so the idea came about that we would set up an event that would raise money for a local charity and be in a venue big enough to allow his Mum to sit in space without being at risk of catching any infection whilst undergoing chemotherapy.

Whilst the planning was taking shape unfortunately Dee's cancer was taking hold and it metastasised throughout her body. On the morning of her passing Dutch and his wife decided that the event still needed to take place but instead of aiming to raise a few hundred pounds it would be a yearly event that would raise as much money as it possibly could.

In October 2014 the first Bodyslams to Cancer event was held at Yarbrough Leisure centre in front of a crowd of around 500 people and they managed to raise a whopping £ 2135

Presenting the cheque to St Barnabas Hospice was such a proud moment and it was vowed that every year we would continue to run Bodyslams to Cancer and support as many people as we could.

So over the last 7 years we have supported the likes of Candles, PACT, Sophies Journey, Cavendish Cancer Care and various other individuals through other fundraising events across the year.

COVID 19 came along and put wrestling and the world to a standstill so Bodyslams 2020 was the first we've ever had to cancel!

2020 was a year none of us ever want to repeat and even now we are feeling the after effects of the world being closed. Cancer charities and support services have been hit hard, NHS cancer services almost came to a stand still and COVID took so much from all of us; including FFW Manager Becca's father; as we continue our journey to rebuilding we do so knowing that loved ones have been lost and those that are still here have had treatment delayed. So when we chose to put on events this year we knew that Bodyslams had to be one of those events!

We are proud to be supporting St Barnabas Hospice Lincolnshire and Sophies Journey once again as part of Bodyslams to Cancer 2021!

So please, now you know a little of our journey, help us to once again raise as much as we possibly can, as we do so in memory of those whom we have lost to this retched disease and COVID 19.

Bodyslams to Cancer 2021 - In Memory of Dee Mansell (07-08-1959 - 23-06-2014)

Dr John Gosnold (10-03-1942 - 18-11-2020)



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