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Bodyslams announcements

Matches announced so far for our 10th anniversary show!!

It's Team Fsw v Team FFW as Furio, Landers and Rashwood take on the team of Caz Crash who began with us on our first ever Bodyslams to Cancer. Malicious Paul Malen has been with us in many forms for the last ten years and of course Ben Butcher is a crowd favourite!!

At the King of the Cage event Miss Rebecca ruined KD's fun by announcing that he would face Dalton Chase at BSTC and if he tried to worm his way out of the match she would simply strip him of the title, her company, her rules after all! This will be the first time these two have faced off one on one!

There's been a lot of beef between the tag team champs Reece and Rogan and The Bad Boys, Rogan was annoyed that he has been missed off the advertising poster and has decided to take it out on Jack of Clubs, we're not sure how that match got sanctioned.

And finally, TJ, Miss Rebecca's son has been working hard behind the scenes and has been training for the last ten years, finally he gets to make his BSTC debut as he takes on Joey Cement. This will be one hell of a challenge but to TJ this is personal!

Tickets for the event are selling fast so don't miss out. Available from our website


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