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All Hail the King

Fools games saw some very bad choices made at FFW, including Reece n Rogan choosing to turn their backs on Miss Rebecca. She suspended them from FFW and Reece chose to get a little too close, he felt her wrath in the form of a slap to the face!

The New Age continued to wreak havock as they interfered in the number one contentership match between Flex and Paul Malen, resulting in a no contest. Doing anything they can to keep the titles firmly within the faction.

Benjamin Quill made demands of Miss Rebecca to suspend Anarchy rules after presenting Maxwell with a brand new shiny Anarchy Championship title belt, however it's her company, her rules and she of course said no!! Maxwell was unsuccessful at adding to his 126 day reign as Anarchy champion as Bennett walked away with the new belt, much to the dismay of the New Age.

It's all to play for in May 6th as the self proclaimed King of FFW KD continues with his tirade and drive to fully take over FFW. Will he keep his crown, after all it's a day for coronations, or will Miss Rebecca be able to rally the troops and regain control?

Tickets available now!!


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