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Jack of clubs comes back from injury with his 2023 return. Miss Rebecca appears to be asking a lot from him as she puts him agains Jason Morgan, head hench man of The New Age!!

What a match to return from injury, the Junior Heavyweight championship is on the line and the only way to win is by escaping the cage via the door!!

El Johno will face New Age member Benjamin Quill in a four corners match at Steel Cage Showdown. There's scores to settle between these two and the anti has been upped with this match.

Not only will they be in the cage, they will be connected by a steel chain, the winner must touch all four corners of the ring in order to succeed!!

Tickets available from

After feeling like he was screwed over at the last show, Ace Mattews has demanded a rematch against the Lincoln County Regulators!!

Therefore management has teamed him up with Hard Man Dan, the only catch is, both members of the tag team must escape the cage in order to win!! Can Ace be a team player?

Tickets for Steel Cage Showdown are available from . Join us for our first show of 2023 on February 4th at Yarbrough leisure centre!!!

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