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We begin 2024 in a new but old venue, we return to ONE NK leisure centre and what better way to start the year than in a steel cage!!

What's in store for the tag team champs? Will Erin Jacobs and Dutch get along? How will the New age fair after the loss of two titles?

Buy your tickets and find out!!

The Lincoln county regulators have got their work cut out for them at Karma as the New Age continue to wreak havoc amongst FFW! Lenny will go against the Melt Quill whilst Butcher will face off against Jason Morgan!

Presale tickets are available now and until November 24th!!

If you attended BSTC we would love your feedback!! It would be great if you could take a little time to leave us a Google review or a Facebook review. Without returning customers we are unable to continue with our charity work, our monthly shows allow us to continue with our business and also build up to each BSTC event.

Tickets for our next two shows are available now!!

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