Miss Rebecca


Miss Rebecca is the Fight Factory Wrestling Owner and CEO as well as the wife of FFW fan favourite Dutch. Originally not interested in the limelight Miss Rebecca stayed behind her office desk but when the group known as The Agency ran roughshod through her company she decided to take a more active approach, stepping out of the shadows in an attempt to fight back against The Agency alongside Dutch and anyone who was willing to join the fight After The Agency was just about destroyed though things took a strange turn as in December of 2017 the power got to Miss Rebecca’s head so much she turned on her own husband, costing him a FFW Heavyweight Championship Match against then champion Will Kroos. It was at that point that things changed in FFW as Miss Rebecca abused her power left and right, always proclaiming that Fight Factory Wrestling is “My company, my rules” Since then Miss Rebecca’s missions have been simple, make the lives of her husband Dutch and Brother-In-Law KD hell and making sure that each FFW Championship belt is controlled by members of her camp